Jean Duncan

Root BeautyThe Beauty of Roots

An exhibition of photographs, plants and prints to increase appreciation of the beauty and complexity of roots and portray the essential roles of roots in environmental sustainability and food security.
Opening 17th March 4pm Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee and running until 30th March 2017

Jane Duncan, Lionel Dupuy, Paula Pongrac, Glyn Bengough, Ian Bingham, Jane Wishart, Gladys Wright and Philip White

Beautiful roots workshops and demonstrations at the 'Botanics in the Byre', St Andrews University in May 2017

Current exhibition at the Frames Gallery Perth with

Older Exhibitions:

Cambo House near St Andrews open daily 10 am until 4pm

Café at House for an Art lover House for an Art Lover, Glasgow open 10 am until 4pm daily

Edinburgh Drawing School from 6th of August


Older Projects:

Print Room Dundee  'Printroom' is a group of artists who use the DCA print studio facilities. A selection of the group will be exhibiting in the Lamb Gallery in September this year, other exhibitions are planned in the Edinburgh Drawing School during the 2016 Edinburgh Festival.

'This is my own my native land' exhibition at Kinblethmont Gallery Arbroath from Saturday 20th Feb until 6th of March 10-5pm daily.

DCA Winter Print Exhibition

EMPIRE at Wall Projects A SSA members’ exhibition curated by Gayle Nelson PSSA and Alan Bond SSA. Exhibition: Saturday 25 July – Saturday 29 August 2015


5000 years of agricultural plants

Jean has been working with Geoff Squire at the James Hutton to produce drawings of plants in the Living Field Garden to be used in an E-book about the development of Agricultural plants over the past 5000years and to highlight the need to make farming sustainable for the future. 

New drawings are included here and can be viewed on the Living Field webpages.

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