Your Dundee Plus is a personal skills development programme which recognises and adds value to the activities you engage with outside your degree.


The programme helps you to reflect upon the skills you are developing, communicate your achievements, and investigate your desired career pathway.




"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Dundee Plus Award as it taught me not only how important the skills and experience obtained through extra-curricular activities are for future employment but more importantly how to express these skills coherently to future employers. I learned how my personal development was shaped by my extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, personalised feedback allowed me to explore the knowledge I gained of which I was previously unaware and has helped me write a successful application for the award’’ - Julian Benz, Your Dundee Plus Award Winner 2017/18.

All matriculated students from the University of Dundee are eligible to participate.

  • Develop key transferable skills employers are looking for.
  • Gain recognition for your involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • Confidently communicate your skills and achievements.

But don’t just take our word for it. This is what graduate recruiters and previous applicants have to say.

“Completing the Dundee Plus Award taught me to place due value on the parts of my life that are non-academic. This has allowed me to see myself, and sell myself, as a well-rounded potential employee – not just a student! It’s great for anyone who wants to look at their life from an outside perspective.” - Rebecca (graduated 2018)

“Being able to summarise and showcase your experiences and attributes in such a way that is reflective of a successful interview is invaluable in the current climate - you can never practice enough! There are always a significant amount of applicants for each vacancy that is advertised, the competition is fierce. An excellent, clear interview with well thought through examples is crucial to leave that lasting impression with potential future employers, and this award allows the students to really appreciate and undertake this." - Karrie Fyffe, Head of Delivery, Brightsolid

The first step is to register using the form below.

After this you will be invited to a workshop where you can complete the Skills Grid and Goals.

Your Dundee Plus Registration Form

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Now that you’ve registered for Your Dundee Plus it’s time to take a look at your skills and how you can go about developing these through extra-curricular activities.

Grid and Goals Exercise

If you have not already done so, register for Your Dundee Plus here, you'll be invited along to attend an informative workshop giving you all the details you need know to get involved.

Your Dundee Plus gives you credit for the skills you develop while at University, you can claim the award from third year onwards. Once registered, the first step in completing Your Dundee Plus is to complete a self-assessment of your skills and to set yourself some goals of how you can develop these during your time at Dundee.


STEP 1: Rate your skills

Download and complete the Your Dundee Plus Skills Matrix Grid .


STEP 2: Set your goals

From the skills grid worksheet you should have identified your current level of competency with the 10 transferable skills that employers look for. Now you should set some goals for how you will work towards improving these skills.

Set yourself at least 3 SMART Goals using the Action Planning Tool. The following handout will provide more information on how to set SMART goals: SMART Goal Setting

The University of Dundee has lots of opportunities for you to develop your transferable skill: