This Award is offered collaboratively by the University of Dundee Careers Service and the Dundee University Students Association (DUSA) which aims to recognise and reward students voluntary activities.

DUSA Volunteering Plus is a tiered Award and is available at 3 levels. Each level has a number of volunteering hours associated with it:

  • Bronze (40 hours) 
  • Silver (140 hours) 
  • Gold (240 hours) 

You will be required to submit proof (this may require multiple forms of evidence) of the number of hours volunteered. Examples of proof to verify the number of hours completed include reference letters, timesheets (signed by manager/supervisor), Minutes of attended meetings etc. You can use any type of volunteering you have completed since you have been a matriculated student at the University of Dundee as you have the evidence to support it. If you need any clarification on what is satisfactory submission of proof please contact Malgorzata Kubalczyk, Volunteer Development Co-ordinator, at

Additionally, we will ask you to reflect on your skills development through your voluntary activities in the form of an application. For each level of Award you are required to complete the following number of questions:

  • Bronze (3 questions) 
  • Silver (4 questions) 
  • Gold (6 questions) 

Upon successful completion of the Award you will receive a certificate and can add the achievement to your CV. If you experience any difficulties with your application or you would like to 'top-up' your Award (i.e. apply for Silver after achieving Bronze) please email Stephen Smith, Student Development Manager, at

To register your interest in the Award please email