Module Overview


Choosing a level 2 undergraduate module from the three offered by the Careers Service is a great boost to your Career!

Our level 2 modules are available where your degree pathway allows. Please note, in some vocational degree areas there may be limited opportunity to take these modules - please ask your Adviser of Studies or Tutor for further guidance.

Our modules are full level 2 (20 credit) non-advanced module and will count towards your degree.

If you are a Life Science Law Student, BSc Business Management student or Engineering Student, then the Careers Service and/or the Centre of Entrepreneurship run modules specifically for your degree pathway, speak to your Adviser of Studies for further information. 

“I cannot recommend this module enough for second year students. It provides the flexibility that many people need and gives you valuable insight into what job opportunities are available to you upon graduating. It also helps you think about how your qualities and experiences are relevant for future careers. The tutors are extremely helpful and overall it has been extremely worthwhile!”
 – 2015 Career Planning Module Online (CPMO) student