Leadership Plus is a skills development programme which has a specific focus on developing leadership skills among students.

The programme runs for a full academic year (September to May) and involves a number of elements:




  • Completion of a range of leadership based skills development workshops (attend at least 4) which will be delivered by external organisations.
  • Being matched with a mentor with whom you will have regular contact throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Creation and regular updating of your own Word Press Blog (a minimum of 3 entries of at least 250 words - please note that your website will be publicly accessible) or an application form describing progress made against goals set (3 answers of 250-500 word).
“The Leadership Plus programme really helped me define my leadership style and advance my time management. Having a mentor’s advice helped me to set and then attain clear goals throughout the year.  The programme was a good opportunity to network and I am excited to take the transferable skills I have consolidated over its duration into the working world.’
Hollie Carter, Leadership Plus participant 2018/19

Applications for a place on the programme are invited from students who meet the following minimum applicant criteria:

  • Matriculated University of Dundee students who will remain students for the full academic year to which they are applying.
  • Students who will be in a leadership role within in a club, society, team, job, voluntary role or other similar position during the full term of the programme.

By participating in the Leadership Plus programme you will;

  • Benefit from having regular contact with an experienced leader who will challenge and encourage you to develop.
  • Learn new skills by participating in the skills development workshops and learn how to write a blog.
  • Become more confident as you develop new skills.

Applications are now open for places on Leadership Plus for academic year 2020/21. To apply for a place, please complete the application form.