Reflecting our year as ‘lockdown’ Careers Ambassadors

Susan Arkley (business student) and Ethan Llewellyn (law student) reflect on their year as Career Ambassadors.

Photograph of Susan Arkley, Careers Ambassador

Ethan Llewellyn

Prior to starting this role as Careers Service Ambassador, we were a little hesitant and unsure of what the role would entirely involve, due to pandemic changing the way normal university life was functioning and the usual in-person events being cancelled.

Yet, the role has been incredibly rewarding and has been a great way to develop new skills, particularly in marketing and content creating, which were areas we had little experience in.

Another part of the role was to communicate and build relationships with various student societies to spread information about various Careers Service events and workshops taking place throughout the year. We were given a lot of freedom in our work, being allowed to create content in ways which we believed would most resonate with our peers, as well as being able to complete our tasks to fit around our study schedules. The weekly meetings allowed time for us all to catch up and provided structure by setting a consistent deadline for work to be completed.

We have thoroughly enjoyed and been thankful for our time as Ambassadors and would definitely recommend applying for the role.

Martyna Lazowska (careers adviser) and Mark McCabe (DUTE and volunteering opportunities co-ordinator) reflect on working with our Careers Ambassadors of the past academic year.

Martyna Lazowska

Mark McCabe

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Ethan and Susan in their capacity of the Careers Service Student Ambassadors this academic cycle. We have learnt a lot about students’ perspective on our offering, and how to create effective communication plans, appealing to our students.

Our Ambassadors have taken their roles very seriously, and they have produced a high-quality content for us to use on our social media channels etc.

Due to the pandemic, our Ambassadors have been forced to work remotely with our team this academic year, and during the recruitment process and leading up to beginning of their tenure, we were unsure what to expect in terms of the specific tasks we could offer and how well these tasks could be achieved.  It is without question that Ethan and Susan have exceeded all of our expectations and then some, in terms of their commitment to the role, their resilience in working in these unprecedented times alongside their studies, and the quality of their work.

Ethan and Susan are both very professional individuals, and we are certain that both will thrive in the work environment after graduation. We wish them all the best for the future. The show must go on though, and we cannot wait to recruit their replacements for the next academic session 2021/22.