Advice for your School

The University of Dundee has clear aims relating to Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.  The Employability portion of this is delivered by the Employability & Enterprise Sub-Committee whose remit is focussed on increasing the Employability of all of our students and graduates.  To this end all Schools now have an Employability & Enterprise Lead who reports directly to the sub-committee on the Employability activities in their area.  Across the University there is a dedicated team of academics and support staff who work closely with the Careers Service to deliver a range of employability initiatives and we aim to support your School in working towards these aims.

Students are increasingly coming to University aware of and engaged in developing their Employability.  Partnership working between the Careers Service and our academic colleagues to harness this enthusiasm and develop graduates fit for the 21st Century is essential and we very much look forward to working with you

Your School will have a named Careers Adviser who is happy to speak to you about how we can work together so please do get in touch. 


Are you a university staff member looking to recruit volunteers to work for your department or project - even if this is a one-off?

If so, any of these activities need to comply with the University of Dundee Volunteering Policy which:

  • Formally acknowledges and supports the role of volunteers
  • Sets out a policy to ensure good working practices
  • Defines the rights and responsibilities of the University of Dundee in relation to volunteering and its volunteers
  • Encourages and enables, rather than limits, the involvement of volunteers

Good practice guidance on volunteering is available in the University of Dundee Volunteering Guidebook.

This guidebook includes checklists and examples which will help you prepare in setting up a voluntary group or project, hosting a one-off event, recruiting volunteers for your project or your university department. It also includes the University of Dundee Volunteering Policy.