Claire Johnson



Claire Johnson is an independent consultant in information management. She set up CJ-Information Management Consultancy (CJ-IMC) in 2009 after varied experience in public, private and charity sectors. She is a qualified librarian, archivist and information manager. Claire is also an associate with In-Form Consult (IFC) In September 2011 she completed an LL.M. in IT and Telecommunications Law at the University of Strathclyde. Her dissertation addressed the adequacy of current UK copyright protection, focusing on the challenges brought by digital media and dissemination methods in the UK academic context. She has other qualifications in Archive Administration, Business Information Management and History. Claire was the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS) Information Management Professional of the Year 2013. Previous posts include University of Glasgow, Unilever, European Central Bank, Peabody Housing Trust and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her consultancy and training experience are cross-sector and include the universities of Cambridge and Warwick, Glasgow School of Art, the Trades Union Congress and Audit Scotland.

Claire serves on the committees of a number of professional bodies. She is the chair of the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) Scotland Group and a trustee of the Scottish Council on Archives. She served as Councillor and Secretary to the Society of Archivists (now Archives and Records Association) between 1998-2002.

Selected publications

  • “Records professionals in a multimedia age: turning lead into gold?” (co-author) in Record keeping in a hybrid environment. Chandos, 2006.
  • “The Relevance of Archival Practice within “E-Democracy” ” in Political pressure and the archival record eds. Caroline Williams, Margaret Procter and Michael Cook. Society of American Archivists, 2005.
  • “Is there a public face to e-democracy?” in Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on E-Government Dublin, July2003.
  • "Governing Information", (co-author) in Regulation and Markets beyond 2000 eds. Laura Macgregor, Tony Prosser and Charlotte Villiers. Ashgate, Dartmouth. 2000.

Selected conference papers

  • “Digital Preservation as an Albatross” IS&T Conference, Ottawa (co-author), April 2006.
  • “The organ-grinder and the monkey: making a business case for sustainable digital preservation” DLM Forum Conference, Budapest, October 2005 (co-author)