Rachel Hart



Rachel Hart is Senior Archivist (Keeper of Manuscripts and Muniments) in the Special Collections Division of the University of St. Andrews Library. Previously Rachel was an archivist at the University of St Andrews Library (1997-2004); a Freelance Archivist in Aberdeenshire (1994-1998); Assistant Archivist in the Department of Special Collections and Archives at the University of Aberdeen (1987-1995); and Assistant Archivist for Cumbria Archives Service (1983-1985). Rachel is a Member of the St. Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the St. Andrews Institute of Scottish Historical Research. She is a Trustee and Director of the Scottish Council on Archives and Scottish Archives Network and sits on the UK Archives Accreditation panel. She is a Registered Member of the Society of Archivists.

Selected Publications

  • Many blog posts on Echoes from the Vault at https://standrewsrarebooks.wordpress.com/
  • Annual features in Alumnus Chronicle, (St Andrews, 2007-2017)
  • Articles in the University of St Andrews staff magazine:

    - ‘Printing in Fife’ in The StAndard, No. 15, (2008), p. 50
    - ‘First Females and Female Firsts’ in The StAndard, No. 12, (2007), pp.34-35;
    - ‘”The Mad Militants”: Suffragette activity in St Andrews in 1913’ in The StAndard, No. 11, (2007), pp.32-33;
    - ‘Alumni and the Independence Movement in America’ in The StAndard, No. 7, (2006), p26;
    - ‘Tolkien, St Andrews and Dragons’ in T. Hart and I. Khovacs (ed.), Tree of Tales (2007), pp. 1-11
  • Collaboration with and contribution to Colin McLaren, Aberdeen Students 1600-1860 (Aberdeen, 2005), specifically analytical tables, pp. 171-74.
  • ‘GASHE project and exhibition’ in University of St Andrews Newsletter, (September 2004).
  • ‘Reports and Surveys of Archives in Northern Scotland’, Northern Scotland, vols. 8 (1988), pp.69-71; 9 (1898), pp. 83-85; 11 (1991), pp. 73-76

Selected Conference Papers

  • ‘The Marchmont manuscript: medieval reading for early modern Scots’, with Margaret Connolly at The Future of Early Modern Scottish Studies, January 2017
  • ‘Reading and Writing the Law in 16th-century Scotland: the Marchmont manuscript and its Makers and Users’, with Margaret Connolly at International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature and Language (ICMRSLL), July 2017
  • ‘A late medieval book and its covers: the Marchmont MS of Regiam Maiestatem and its scribe(s)’, with Margaret Connolly at The Scottish Medievalists: The Society for Scottish medieval and Renaissance Studies, January 2018
  • Who are our users and how well do we serve them?’, with Norman Reid,: ICA/SUV, (August 2007).