Alan Bell

+44(0)1382 384 441
Head of Information Governance and Joint Assistant Director, Culture & Information


Alan Bell is the Head of Information Governance and the Joint Assistant Director of Culture & Information at the University of Dundee. He is a member of the Information and Records Management Society’s (IRMS) Accreditation and Development sub-committee and a former Chair of the Scottish Higher Education Information Practitioners Group. Alan has spoken widely on records and information management issues and served on various professional groups including ARA’s Education, Training and Development Committee, the Committee of ARA's Records Management Special Interest Group and the ARMA International HE Task Force.

Alan is a Fellow and an Accredited Member of IRMS and won the IRMS 'Author of the Year' award in 2016.

Selected publications

  • 'An 'inconvenient truth'? Records Management', Bulletin, Information and Records Management Society, Issue 190 March 2016 (republished with same title in iQ, Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia, Vol 32 Issue 4 November 2016)
  • 'Participation -vs- Principle: does technological change marginalise recordkeeping theory?', in Brown C. ed, Archives and Recordkeeping: Theory into Practice, Facet Publishing, 2014
  • 'Standards and standards culture: understanding the nature and criticisms of standardisation', Comma, International Council on Archives, Vol 2 2011 (published 2013)

Selected conference papers

  • 'Centre for Archive and Information Studies', meeting Continuing professional development in Information and Records Management, Information and Records Management Society Scotland, 2016
  • Conference Chair, Public Sector Records and Information Management, Capita Conferences, 2016
  • ‘A Solution in Search of a Problem? After Ten years of FOI, do Publication Schemes have any Purpose?', conference Activation and Impact, Centre for Archive and Information Studies, University of Dundee and the Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research, 2016
  • 'Legislative change: pressure and possibility', conference Information#Transformation: managing information to deliver business change, Perth and Kinross Council and the Information and Records Management Society Scotland, 2015
  • 'Exploring the relevance of records and records management in changing times', conference Issues in contemporary records management, University College Dublin and the Information and Records Management Society Ireland, 2015
  • 'Introduction? The challenge of electronic recordkeeping', Public Records (Scotland) Act - National Records of Scotland Electronic Records Seminar, 2015
  • 'If ghosts can sing, is information devalued? Exploring the role of records and information management in a ‘keep everything’ culture', Information and Records Management Society annual conference, 2015
  • 'Paranoia, fictions and realities; technological change and the record', Digital Subject UK workshop, Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy, 2015