Doctoral study in CAIS has largely focused on the ongoing ‘Memory and Identity’ project, initially funded by two grants from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Four international conferences have also been organised in Dundee under the auspices of the project.

  • 2008 The Philosophy of the Archive
  • 2010 Memory, Identity and the Archival Paradigm
  • 2012 Democratising or Privileging: the Future of Access to Archives
  • 2014 Memories, Communities and Identities

CAIS currently has one completed PhD (Barbados), one ongoing student (London) and two (Canada & England) commencing study in January. All are part-time distance doctoral students. There are a number of ongoing enquiries with other prospective students, including another Canadian. Those discussions and applications are the result of CAIS presence at international events, primarily trade fairs.


  • Cherri-Ann Beckles, ‘International Perspectives on Data Protection and its Relationship to Records Management: Recommendations for Emerging Practice in the West Indies’


  • Rachel Bracha, ‘Creativity, the Archive and Collective Memory’


  • Reagan Swanson, (Title to be confirmed) The project will look at how Aboriginal/Inuit community groups are using archival material in identity building, in helping to shape community priorities and to help informing young generations about their heritage.  The project will also examine the archival collections for commonalities, as well as the type of resources that were used in the creation and growth of the community archives.
  • Stuart Wilkinson, ‘The records of the Rwandan Genocide: contested memories and the role of archives’

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