Although it seems that education has been a responsibility of central and local government for a long time, it was not until the nineteenth that universal provision became the norm.  This module will examine the provision of education before that time and trace the development of the system as we know it today.  After an introduction to the legislative background (essential for an understanding of the records) the eight units will discuss different aspects of education, including further and higher education, special education and teacher training.  The final unit deals with the tricky question of managing school and other educational archives.

The course includes the following elements:

  • Historical background from the medieval period to the present day
  • Record types, including administrative, school and special records, pictorial and printed sources
  • The development of types of educational provision, from primary to tertiary levels
  • Special education, including workhouse, industrial, reformatory and special schools
  • The appraisal, arrangement, description and access of educational archives

Module code


Number of credits

10 SCQF credits (5 ECTS credits) on Level 5, SHE M (SCQF 11)


Rosemary Steer

When available?

September semseter