Do you want to learn new skills and reinforce old ones? Are you unsure of current theory and best practice? Do you need to improve your skills in working with new technologies? All modules offered by CAIS can be taken as single short courses lasting for 9 or fifteen weeks. The courses are popular with people wishing to apply new learning in their workplace and to improve future job prospects, and many people take them just for interest.

The key subjects covered by the courses are:

  • Archive management
  • Records management
  • Information compliance
  • Digital preservation and management
  • Family and local history

With over 30 courses on offer students can choose from modules offering a general overview to those looking in depth at particular subjects. The modules are also suitable for those working in the museum, library or heritage sectors and for those interested in family and local history.

Key features

  • all content delivered online in a fully supported environment
  • expert tutors with a wide range of practical and research experience
  • modules last 9 or 15 weeks and start January, May and September
  • no exams, continuous assessment through tasks, essays and reports
  • regular feedback from tutors, discussions with other students and support from administrative staff
  • both theory and practice covered
  • at least 15 hours a week study time required

Programme structure

Modules last for 15 weeks (20 credits) or 9 weeks (10 credits). There are three entry points a year in January, May and September. 

Available modules are located here

Fees 2018/19

Registration Fee £45
Individual 10 credit module £485
Individual 20 credit module £970

Fees 2019/20

Registration Fee £45
Individual 10 credit module £485
Individual 20 credit module £970

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