BSc Anatomical Science

Anatomical science is the study of the structure and relationships of organisms at a gross (whole organ) and microscopic level (histology).

This course is for people who have a passion for understanding the human body and using knowledge to answer scientific problems. You will study gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy, embryology, osteology, and cell biology.

Your research project will use and develop your scientific abilities in areas such as, functional and surgical anatomy, biomedical imaging, neuroanatomy, and medical education.

You will have an excellent grounding for careers or training in biomedicine and related fields including biotechnology or clinical laboratory medicine


A student wearing a forensic suit working outside

BSc Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology is the analysis of human remains for the medicolegal purposes of establishing identity, investigating suspicious deaths and identifying    victims of mass disasters.

It is a specialised area of forensic science that requires detailed anatomical and osteological training.

Being able to assign a name to the deceased is critical to the successful outcome of all legal investigations. This course is a great first step on the ladder to becoming a forensic practitioner.