Year of Anatomy

The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification celebrates the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the Cox Chair of Anatomy at the University of Dundee.

Upcoming activities

Dow Lecture

  • Chaired presentations and discussion on how body donation is pushing forward medical education, training and research.

Anatomical face painting

  • Children of Dundee will be invited to get ready for Tricks and Treats by having their faces painted in anatomically accurate designs.

History of Anatomy in Dundee

  • Historical exhibition of archival material on the history of anatomy in Dundee.


  • Phone app that allows the public to build their own anatomical Frankenstein by visiting parts of the city and surrounds - like the PokemonGo!

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: An interactive experience

  • A trip around Dundee and surrounding countryside over a full weekend, stopping at various places to read the chapters of the book. The whole book is estimated to take approx 9.5 hours, so this will take all weekend, with the public able to jump on and off the bus, read some sections of the book, etc.

Publication of a book on the history of anatomy and the Cox Chairs of Anatomy in Dundee.

Past activities

Jul 2018

Art of Anatomy

  • Medical art students Lissie Cowley and Hannah Newey, joined CAHID anatomist Luke Reid and invited the public to the Dundee Science Centre to explore anatomy, art and evolution.
  • “Trust your gut” by Lissie Cowley, was a visual illustration of anatomy for education and how it has changed drastically throughout history. Lissie asked the question, do differences in artistic style affect our ability to learn?
  • “How Bonobo are we though?” by Hannah Newey, explored just how close we are to bonobos and common chimpanzees. Hannah showcased her 3D-printed and virtual models of the human and bonobo, and presented an interactive educational learning resource.
  • “Yum, Tum and Bum” by guest speaker Luke Reid, a light-hearted presentation on food’s incredible journey though the gastrointestinal tract.

Penguis Anatomica

Mar 2018

Our Mortal Remains – Saturday Series

  • Pennie Latin and a panel of female professionals at varying stages of their careers discuss how anatomy has influenced their thinking and how the generosity of body donors is changing the face of modern medicine.
  • Panel:
    • Tracey Wilkinson (Cox Chair of Anatomy)
    • Helen Murgatroyd (Consultant Ophthalmologist)
    • Claire Fitton (PhD student)
    • Sotonye Kenneth David-West (5th year medical student)

Anatomy Bake Off!

  • Members of the AHID and life science societies came together to have an anatomically themed bake off, producing some scientifically accurate and delicious cakes, which were judged by a panel of CAHID staff members.

Science Saturday: Anatomy through the Microscope

  • Prof Tracey Wilkinson and Dr Paul Felts teamed up to show the public anatomy through the microscope. The human body is made up of more than 200 different kinds of cells that have to form organs as complex and diverse as the brain, heart and liver. Only when we look at the tissues of the body under the microscope can we fully appreciate the beautiful architecture created by these cells.

Feb 2018

Moot Trial of William Bury

  • William Bury, the last man hanged in Dundee (and also suspected to be Jack the Ripper), went 'on trial' again for the murder of his wife in 1887. Medical evidence from the trial was presented by forensic medical experts and the Moot Societies of Aberdeen and Dundee Universities played the part of the prosecution and the defence. The event was held in Dundee Sheriff Court and was filmed for a planned documentary by HistoryHit TV – Dan Snow’s new online history channel.
  • Read more about the Moot Trial of William Bury

Being Human Project

  • Dr Chris Rynn conducted a facial reconstruction of Jonathan Swift and his partner.

Anatomy Nights: Matters of the Heart

  • Claire Cunningham, mortuary technician in CAHID, offered the Dundee public a rather different Valentine’s evening at the Malmaison this year. Instead of flowers, teddies and cards, she gave a fascinating presentation on the anatomy of the heart, which included the dissection of an animal heart to demonstrate its features. The event was attended by around 50 people, with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. It was part of a national initiative, Anatomy Nights, which took place in five locations across the UK.
  • Read more about Matters of the Heart

An Adventure in Skin - BBC Radio Scotland Brainwaves Programme

  • Paul Felts, Senior Lecturer in CAHID, took part as the histological expert in the programme, which took a look at the largest organ in the human body, the skin.
  • Listen to Paul's podcast

Prof Tracey Wilkinson – BBC Radio Scotland Brainwaves Programme

  • Pennie Latin from BBC Scotland followed Tracey Wilkinson for a day to find out more about her role as Principal Anatomist, the research carried out in the Centre and how her passion for anatomy is being passed on to medical students, surgeons and researchers.
  • Listen to Tracey's podcast

Jan 2018

D’Arcy Thompson on Form and Function

  • Dr Caroline Erolin, Senior Lecturer in Medical Art, had her exceptional 3D modelling of specimens from the D’Arcy Thompson Zoological Museum displayed around the waterfront near Dundee’s new V&A museum.‌

Dec 2017

Anatomical Society Winter Meeting “Solving clinical problems with anatomical solutions”

  • University of Dundee hosted the annual winter conference of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The conference received the largest number of delegates from all over the world in the history of the society, including a large number of young researchers. The conference showcased the advances in medical and surgical research through the use of anatomical resources. 
  • Many of the speakers presented work conducted within and in collaboration with CAHID:
    • Prof Graham Houston on “Thiel cadaveric models for cardiovascular device design and training”
    • Prof Graeme McLeod on “The benefits of the Thiel cadaver for testing and training in regional anaesthesia”
    • Dr Fraser Peck on “Utilisation of suture material in the production of dynamic prosections in the Thiel embalmed human cadaver”
    • Amanda Hunter (PhD Student) on “Plastinating Thiel embalmed human cadaveric specimen – using alternative dehydration solvents to aid in the preservation of colour and flexibility”
    • Erli Sarilita (PhD Student) on “Zygomaticus major origin site in relation to forensic craniofacial reconstruction: a Thiel embalmed cadaver dissection study”
    • Pavithran Maniam (Medical Student) on “Exploration of surgical anatomy and mastoidectomy using mixed reality (HoloLens) – a new surgical education tool for ENT trainees”
    • Oluwaseyi Oyerinde (MSc Student) on “Study of variations in profundal femoris artery and its circumflex femoral branches in Thiel embalmed cadavers”
    • Samantha Goodchild (PhD Student) on “Understanding trabecular architecture within developing human lumbar vertebrae.
  • Former CAHID director Prof Dame Sue Black received the Anatomical Society Prize, the highest prize awarded by the society to a distinguished morphological scientist.

Anatomy Art Exhibition by Jac Saorsa, as part of the anatomical society winter conference.‌