Dr Paul Allanson
Applied microeconomics, including distribution of agricultural support and the welfare of the farming community; the evolution of the racial wage hierarchy in the South African labour market; imperfect competition among multiproduct firms. Health Economics

Professor Bruce Burton
Capital markets; Financing announcements; Insider trading; Corporate governance.

Dr Yu-Fu Chen

Real options application; macroeconomics; labour economics; modelling uncertainty; extreme events modelling.

Dr Daniel Clarke
Teleworking, consumer perceptions of Fair Trade, the sensory retail environment, the representation of management researchers, the experience of early career management academics.

Dr Theresa Dunne 

Accountability; Financial reporting; Corporate governance; Digital reporting; Charity reporting and governance; International accounting.

Dr Gregory Emvalomatis
Applied Microeconomics & Industrial Organization, Production Economics, Efficiency & Productivity Measurement, Innovation, Technical Progress and Empirical Economic Growth, Statistics & Applied Econometrics

Dr Omar Feraboli

International finance and international trade, in particular applied computable general equilibrium (CGE) models and trade policy issues.

Dr Suzanne Fifield
Emerging stock markets; International finance; International accounting.

Dr Gwen Hannah
Public sector accountability (not for profit organisations).

Dr Martin Jones
Decision theory; experimental economics; biases in learning and ambiguity; cultural determinants of behaviour; methodology of experimentation

Dr Andrzej Kwiatkowski 
Applied Game Theory; Education Economics; Applied Econometrics

Dr Vicky Lambert 
Governance and Accounting in the Public and wider Nonprofit sector, principally in relation to Charities

Professor Hassan Molana

The theoretical foundations of the personal sector's allocation of funds and empirical regularities concerning the composition of personal consumption and wealth; The role of the personal sector in transmitting macroeconomic policy effects; The effectiveness of expansionary macroeconomic policies in the presence of market distortions; Globalisation and the welfare state

Dr Lissa Monk
Accounting & Management Education and Entrepreneurship; Sustainable Education; Graduate Skills and Employability; Change Management; Corporate Governance.

Dr Carlo J. Morelli 
The economics of transaction costs; economic history of cartels; retailing and food policy; child poverty and inequality

Professor William Nixon
Financial management of new product design and development; Strategic accounting; Performance measurement and control.

Professor David Power
Capital markets; Stock market anomalies; Emerging capital markets; Events studies; Financial Management.

Dr Dooruj Rambaccussing
Time Series Econometrics: Long Memory, Nonlinear Models, Density Forecasting and Combination, Big Data; Asset Pricing: Real Estate Bubbles, Present Value relationships

Professor Robin Roslender
Intellectual capital; Accounting and strategy; Social and sociological theory

Dr Bill Russell
Macroeconomic theory and policy; monetary economics; the labour market and the economics of financial institutions.

Dr Yin Zhang
Applied macroeconomics; economic development; Asian economies

Professor Yu Zhu
Economics of education, family economics, and applied microeconometrics.