Mohammad  Jamil

“The impact of the brand logos’ colour on the brand appeal ”

Diane  Koan

“Social Responsibility and Accountability of Public Sector Organisation in Indonesia”

Kalina  Marinova

“ ‘When I read, I…’: (Re)thinking the experience of reading in Higher Education through an (auto)ethnographic approach.”

Vorakanlaya Natpraypant

“Perceptions about Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance; Empirical Evidence from Thailand ”

Muhammad Naveed

“My Study will Explore the Entrepreneurship and Leadership styles of Female Entrepreneurs and CEO's and how they differ from their male counterpart”

Umar  Sadaat

“The impact of country risk on stock market performance”

Pumela  Salela

“The integration of technology, youth and innovation in country branding”

Scott Walker

“The aim of this research is to study key strategic accounting, strategic management accounting, and strategy literature to: investigate how the strategic accountant is formed and what effect they could have on the accounting profession”