Khaza Ahmed

“Understanding Corporate Governance Changes in the Textile and Garment Companies in Bangladesh. ”

Abdullah  Alesmaiel

“I am interested in investigating the impact of recent reforms on the efficiency of the Saudi stock market”

Wafa'a Alghizzawi

“The Effect of Financial Derivatives Usage on Value and Risk: Evidence from Non-Financial European Firms ”

Masoud  Al Haider

“Talent Management: Effectiveness of Recruitment, Selection, and Retention of Qualified Talent in Saudi Arabian Multinational and Local Companies. ”

Abdullah  Alhumaid

“Corporate governance and nominations committee in Saudi listed companies”

Simeon  Alvas

“City branding - how local businesses, communities and local government can benefit from shared social media strategy and digital asses management system. ”

Abdullah  Bindawas

“The Employability Skills of Business Graduates in Saudi Arabia: Do Policy Makers and Employers Speak the Same Language?”

Sajeewa Fernando

“My research is related with Macroeconomics analysis of poverty and inequality in Sri Lanka, Experimentation through Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model.”