The University of Dundee School of Business offers PhDs in the three subject areas of Accounting & Finance, Economics and Management.

Who is the PhD programme for?

PhD programmes are aimed at those who wish to become experts in a specialised field. In a modern knowledge-based economy, highly educated and skilled people such as doctoral graduates are in great demand. They form the most highly educated and skilled group in the world. Many will go on to use their skills within academia or in research-intensive occupations in industry, or draw on their research background in a wide variety of other occupations.

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How is the programme structured?

The PhD is a research-based degree assessed on a completed thesis and an oral examination. You will be supervised by staff at the forefront of academic research. At the University of Dundee School of Business we have identified specific themes of expertise and these attract ambitious, talented students keen to work in these areas. By the end of the programme you will have produced an original piece of work that makes a contribution to the advancement of knowledge in fields. The programme will provide you with the opportunity to develop intellectually and learn about research skills, so that you become an acknowledged expert in your area of study.

Key Staff Contacts

Dr Dooruj Rambaccussing, Director of PhD programme for Economic Studies

Dr Theresa Dunne, Director of PhD programme for Accounting & Finance

We accept doctoral students in all areas of the business disciplines, notably Accounting & Finance, Economic Studies, and Management Studies. Prospective candidates are welcome to contact academic staff in their area of interest directly for informal discussion of their intended projects before applying formally. 

We participate in the renowned Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

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