Research themes and groups in the School of Business

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Our research and knowledge exchange is based around our three themes:

Health, Welfare and Education

  • Paul Allanson is playing a lead role in the formation of Scottish Health Economics network. This is a collaboration of health economists from Scotland’s Universities, NHS and Scottish Government, who seek to bring together researchers and users of health economics to explore the development and application of health economics in Scotland.
  • Carlo Morelli is conducting research into funeral poverty with the Dundee Funeral Poverty Action Group which has led to a potential impact case and a successful PhD application to the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences with Beverly Searle from Geography to take their work further.
  • Yu Zhu has recently been appointed as to an advisory group to the Department for Education to provide advice on lifetime productivity returns to undergraduate and postgraduate education, which is also the subject of a potential impact case and has contributed to the Augar Review of Post-18 Education and Funding.
  • Graeme Martin has been appointed, by the Cabinet Secretary for Health in Scotland, as a non-executive Board Members of NHS Tayside and as chair of Staff Governance. This appointment, which results from his research expertise, has led to engaged research collaborations on medical leadership and medical identities with medical colleagues in the NHS Tayside, senior medical leaders in Gothenburg, and the the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, (an organization affiliated to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges).
  • The Business School and NHS Tayside have also co-funded a PhD scholarship in 2020 to examine leadership and culture change in the provision of mental health services in Tayside as a response to the Strang Report.
  • Management staff are to begin researching into the lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis for innovation and strategic change into leadership and organization for NHS Tayside.
  • Eda Ulus, senior lecturer in management, is researching into emotional well-being.
  • Morris Altman has a lead role on the Workshop on Institutions and Sustainable Socio-economic Development (WISSED) project. It is an interdisciplinary research forum designed to focus on Institutional Design, Change, Decision-making, Methodological Pluralism, and Diversity and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

  • Norin Arshed was appointed by the Scottish Government Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills as his independent advisor on women’s enterprise policy in Scotland in mid 2019. This appointment led to the conduct of extensive collaborative research with female entrepreneurs, delivery agencies and civil servants in Scotland. Recommendations on the development of a new structure of support have been accepted by the Minister and are being implemented during 2020-21.
  • University of Dundee School of Busines was asked to take the lead in creating government-funded, Scottish Universities Entrepreneurship Network for the development of collaborative research and knowledge exchange with Scottish start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Innovation and creativity have also been central to the advisory work conducted by Keith Dinnie, both nationally and internationally. At the national level, he advised Brand Scotland (a joint initiative between the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and VisitScotland) on innovative practices in product/service development and on creativity in the development of new national narratives for the country, particularly in the context of Brexit and the need for Scotland to project itself as an outward-facing, welcoming country. Dinnie was also invited to visit Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, China, to advise the municipal government on how to internationalise Changsha’s city brand. This advisory work featured innovation and creativity based on Dinnie’s ICON model of place branding.
  • Renzo Cordina from Accounting and Finance has been undertaken research into early stage/ venture capital investment in SMEs.

Markets and Governance

  • The research of Bruce Burton, Suzanne Fifield, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, Murat Mazibas, David Power and Dooruj Rambaccussing from Accounting and Finance and Economic Studies has looked at the efficiency of financial markets in general and the pricing of securities both individually as well as part of a portfolio, in particular.
  • Research in this theme has adopted a sector focus analysing performance. For example, Renzo Cordina and Sudhu Paramati are looking at Tourism, Stavros Kourtzidis at efficiency in the banking sector and Gregory Emvalomatis' work on promoting optimisation techniques in agriculture.
  • Funded work by Dooruj Rambaccussing has examined the link between markets and online social media.
  • Research income has been secured by Bruce Burton to examine the potential of the alternative-finance or crowd-funding market.
  • Bruce Burton, Theresa Dunne and Vicky Lambert have examined governance in the corporate area, in the third sector and in the public sector.
  • Research under this theme is beginning to have an impact with the report by Bruce Burton and others influencing EU policy on the role of crowdfunding in financing renewable energy investment.
  • Graeme Martin has published on the banking sector’s defence of its governance during the global financial crisis and on corporate governance and HRM, with his work being cited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as a key framework for their corporate governance and sustainability reporting.
  • Morris Altman has published influential books on behavioural economics and ethics in market economies.
  • The findings of Dooruj Rambaccussing and others on the ability of social media narratives to predict results in the gambling industry has been featured in radio reports as well as in the press.