Scottish Economics Conference a huge success

The Scottish Economics Conference was held at the University on 8 and 9 February.

The student organised conference was held in Dundee for the first time and the good attendance, combined with positive feedback indicated that all participants and speakers enjoyed the weekend. 

One of the most pleasing aspects of the conference was the experience gained by the individual students who organised it. 


"It was really a great experience being the programme director for the 2020 Scottish Economic Conference which ended today with the great array of speakers who dealt with the issue of Globalisation impressively from all angles. It was truly wonderful working closely with Sephora Sissi and Muhammad Ahmed planning the conference also not forgetting all other committee members. The world really needs to have a rethink on this issue of Globalisation especially the African continent..." Belema Nyanabo 


Just finished up a great weekend at the Scottish Economics Conference 2020! It has been amazing seeing the conference come together on home turf. Having been involved in the conference since the beginning, I have really enjoyed seeing how it has grown and evolved each year as a different university has hosted it and I am very proud of what it has become! This conference, and its focus on Globalisation has been the most engaging thus far, and extremely applicable to myself as a 4th year student about to embark on a career that will see me work globally! Congratulations Sephora Sissi Mazodila on a fantastic weekend! Feeling very proud of our University and Business School!    Cait Bradley 


I would like to thank all who attended the Scottish Economic Conference 2020 in Dundee, this past weekend.
A personal thank you to speakers: Rory Horner, Harold James, Patrick Bond, Graeme Roy, Linda Yueh & Simon Constable! And a separate thank you to Carlos Lopes for scheduling his attendance however was required at the African Union Head of Summit in Ethiopia today.

A grand thank you to our sponsors and workshop leaders; Bank of England, Royal Economic Society, University of Dundee, Economic Futures, Deloitte & JP Morgan !

And a last thank you for all attendees and the SEC2020 committee for a phenomenal job! There is no ‘I’ in ‘team work’.

All support was received with open arms and huge appreciation.

Sephora Sissi Mazodila - President