Busy September for Prof. Martin

Earlier this month, Prof. Graeme Martin from the School of Business, presented at a recent event organised by KPMG and The Employment Engagement Forum. The event was to mark the launch of a new book, "Unlocking the Puzzles of Peak Engagement and Performance (PEP®) by Elmira Bakhshalian and Dr Martin Reddington. It provides an examination of the puzzles that characterise the pursuit of Peak Engagement and Performance in the workplace to help answer this question.

The event was attended by HR Professionals from across the UK with Graeme being invited along as an expert in the field to present his ideas and research on workforce engagement.

This month, Graeme has also spent three days in Sweden, building on existing relationships with the University of Gothenburg, Centre for Global Human Resource Management. This international reach and engagement is a key part of our development as a School of Business and this level of engagement brings many advantages to us as a School, our students and our areas of research. As well as presenting to fellow academics from various Schools across the University, Graeme was also asked to facilitate a workshop and present to more than 90 HR Directors and managers from companies in Western Sweden, including Volvo, Astra Zeneca and IKEA.

Graeme said, “It is a pleasure for me to work with academic colleagues and industry in Sweden. I enjoy this level of interaction as it is always two-way. I am delighted to be able to contribute what I’ve picked up from my research and consulting about HR and management, but more importantly there is a lot we can learn from other Universities and key industry partners in countries as sophisticated as Sweden. This trip has been about learning as much as disseminating.”

On this theme of learning, Graeme is also the external examiner on the MBA at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, which he visited in the latter part of the month. This experience has given him great insight into what truly world-class business and management education looks like, which, once again, helps us shape our own thinking about the experience we provide to students.