The success of the employability services we offer our students is down to the ongoing support we receive from organisations of all sizes, and from all industries and sectors. 

There is no doubting the benefit that employer engagement provides our students. We want engagement to be of benefit to the organisations involved also. We receive consistent, positive feedback from organisations who have worked with our students. Through work placements and live project support, organisations have found our students help fill short-term vacancies in a cost-effective manner. They have also brought new ideas and approaches to areas of the business. Many organisations have also gone onto employ students directly from having done a placement, which offers a very cost-effective approach to recruitment. 

Many organisations come onto campus to deliver relevant, guest lectures. These are a great opportunity for staff within organisations to share their knowledge of a particular subject. They have also proven successful for organisations in terms of getting key messages across to their future employees. Some organisations have taken this a step further and organised specific workshops for students on-campus, in order to focus in on employability skills, soft skills and general recruitment advice relating to their business or sector. 

Third-sector organisations have provided exceptional volunteering opportunities for students. 

We are open to discussing any area of engagement that you would like to consider for our undergraduate and postgraduate students. Activity can be delivered in conjunction with relevant academic modules/classes or they can be focussed on wider areas. Engagement can take place throughout the year. 

Below provides an overview of what other organisations have worked on with us for both undergraduate and postgraduate students:

  • Delivery of a guest lecture on a relevant business area 
  • Student placements of various duration, paid and/or unpaid depending on the nature of the opportunity 
  • Gain assistance on a real life project from an individual or group of students 
  • Run a tailored workshop on campus, focussing on an area of recruitment, skills development etc 
  • Graduate recruitment opportunities 
  • Host a visit from a group of students and staff 
  • Set a mini project for an entire class of students 
  • Attendance at our wider careers fairs and events  


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