OneUniversity is adding a new automated solution for capturing invoice data which will streamline the Accounts Payable (AP) process.

The new automated solution for capturing invoice data means that Schools and Directorates will see their invoices paid sooner when the solution replaces the current manual data entry for invoice matching.

With an annual volume of around 80,000 invoices to deal with, the AP team currently spend a significant amount of time adding invoice data into our legacy finance systems. When they’ve completed the data input they go on to match each invoice to the correct order. 

The automated invoice-matching function uses character recognition to transform handwritten and printed text on a scanned invoice image into digital information. This data populates the relevant OneUniversity fields and the system automatically carries out the invoice-matching process.

The time saved by automated invoice matching will free up our Accounts Payable staff to investigate and resolve any mismatch cases resulting in:

  • Quicker turnaround of invoice matching and payment for University purchasing staff
  • More remittances to suppliers within the 30-day term and fewer late payment queries
  • More focus on value-adding tasks for Accounts Payable staff

Please contact Claire Cavin ( if you'd like to know more about invoice matching.

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