How Check-in works

What is Check-in?

Check-in is a Student Attendance Management solution from SEAtS Software. It allows students to register their attendance at a teaching session and lets teaching and professional services staff access, view and manage attendance data.

How does Check-in work?

Low-energy Bluetooth ibeacons are installed in teaching spaces across the University. They look like this:

Beacon logo

When you see a beacon in a room you know that attendance can be registered via the SEAtS mobile app (Students) or managed via a web browser (Teaching staff).

How do I check in?

First you need to set up:

1. Download the SEAtS mobile app from the App Store / Google Play.

2. Tap the SEAtS icon to go to the login page.

3. Login with your University credentials.

To check in for a teaching activity, open the app when you're in the teaching area and check in to the upcoming session.

When can I check in for a class?

You can check in via the app five minutes before the start of a teaching session and up to 20 minutes into a session. After the first 20 minutes, your attendance will need to be manually recorded. Please make your adviser aware of this or you will be marked as absent.

Can I check my attendance information?

Yes, you can do this via the app. Click the Home icon to access the profile screen. This allows you to view:

  1. Your name
  2. Your course
  3. Your overall attendance score as a percentage
  4. Attendance by class (you can look back at the previous seven days, 14 days, month, 3 months or year).

Check-in policy

Why do I need to check in?

There’s strong evidence that regular attendance at classes and academic performance are closely linked, and that early intervention when a student’s attendance drops below a certain threshold can provide the help and support needed to keep them on track.

Check-in provides Schools and Student Services with real-time insight into attendance data, enabling them to reach out to students earlier than at present and making sure that the right levels of academic and/ or pastoral support are given to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Is checking in mandatory?

Recording attendance is mandatory in accordance with the University’s Attendance Monitoring policy.

Attendance problems

What are the attendance thresholds?

If your attendance falls below 80% across all your centrally timetabled activity over a seven day period, you will automatically receive an email from your School. 

This email will come from If your attendance continues to sit below 80% for a second seven day period, you’ll receive a second automatic email from your School. If this continues, you will be invited to meet with your Adviser of Studies.

I’ve received an email about my attendance, what should I do?

We're here to help you. Get in touch with your School Office or speak to your Advisor as soon as possible.

What if I am ill or can't attend a class?

Follow the absence guidance in your School Handbook or Study Guide and contact your School Office.

Attendance recording problems

What should I do if I think there’s an error with my attendance information?

Contact your School Office who'll be able to help.

What if I forget my phone or don’t have an appropriate device?

Don't worry! Your tutor can manually record your attendance but it’s your responsibility to make them aware of this. If you don’t make yourself known, then you’ll automatically be marked as absent.

What if I forget to register?

Let your School Office know within seven days of the lesson and your attendance will be added retrospectively. If you’re a participating student from another school, please report this to School running the module.

I’m not allowed to take my phone into a lab. How do I record my attendance?

We’ve placed beacons just inside the labs that are being used for Phase 1 (Life Sciences) so they’ll pick up attendance if you’re just outside the lab. If, for any, reason you’re not able to record your attendance using the app, let your tutor know and they’ll either register you on their dashboard or add you to the paper register.

Check-in mobile settings

What phone settings do I need to ensure my phone is picked up by the beacon?

When you install the mobile app it will have a pop-up asking you to enable Bluetooth. You don’t need to pair your device to the beacon, as long as you are a few metres from the beacon it will automatically detect your presence.

Do I need my Bluetooth on all the time?

It’s a personal choice, however the Bluetooth is only active for the mobile application when:

  1. The app is running in the foreground i.e. if you are checking your schedule and/or checking in
  2. You're within the check-in parameters when the app is running i.e. 5 minutes before the start of a session and 20 minutes from the start of an event (for Life Sciences labs it’s 15 minutes before the start of a session and up to 15 minutes after the start).

Will the Check-in app drain my battery?

No, the app behaves like any other, usage of Bluetooth is limited to when:

  • the app is running in the foreground i.e. if you are checking your schedule and/or checking in
  • you are within the check-in parameters when the app is running i.e. five minutes before the start of a session and 20 minutes from the start of an event (for Life Sciences labs it’s 15 minutes before the start of a session and up to 15 minutes after the start).

What if the app isn’t working?

What if I can’t get logged in?

Log a call with Help4U. Your tutor will take a paper register.

I've logged in, but where do I view my lessons in order to check in?

Tap on the date at the top of the screen which will present your calendar.

I've logged in to the app, but my SEAtS calendar is empty.

During Semester 2, only first-year Humanities and first-year Life Science modules will be using the App. Other modules will only be using paper registers. If this is a problem for you, contact Help4U.

I've logged in to the app, but my next lesson is not shown in my SEAtS calendar.

If you've recently changed module, and it's not shown on your eVision calendar then don’t worry. The change may take another day to be processed. Otherwise report a problem to Help4U.

I've logged into the app, but my scheduled lesson is shown as 'Not Available'.

Remember that you need to be in the stated room up to five minutes before or up to 20 minutes after the start time of a class. Check you have your Bluetooth connectivity switched on. Try closing and reopening the app. Otherwise report a problem to Help4U.

I've logged on to the app, but my scheduled lesson is shown as 'Searching'.

Try closing the app, and reopening it and moving closer to the beacon on the wall or ceiling. Otherwise report a problem to Help4U.

I've logged in to the app but previous lessons I've attended are shown as 'Absent'.

During the testing phase from 30-31 January no action will be taken. You must also check in on the paper register. After the testing phase, inform your school office if there's a discrepancy between your attendance and the app data.