Answers to your questions about using Check-in

What is Check-in?

Check-in is a Student Attendance Management solution from SEAtS Software. It allows students to register their attendance at a teaching session and lets teaching and professional services staff access, view and manage attendance data.

How does Check-in work?

Low-energy Bluetooth ibeacons are installed in teaching spaces across the University. They look like this:

Beacon logo

When you see a beacon in a room you know that attendance can be registered via the SEAtS mobile app (Students) or managed via a web browser (Teaching staff).

How do I get access?

Access for academic teaching staff is via the following web address: Simply log in using your UoD credentials. We advise you to use the Chrome browser. Access via the SEAtS app is for students only in this first phase.

How do students check in?

They need to:

1. Download the SEAtS mobile app from the App Store / Google Play.

2. Tap the SEAtS icon to go to the login page.

3. Log in with their University credentials.

To check in for a teaching activity, they open the app and hit Check-in.

Why are we changing the way we capture and record attendance data?

There’s strong evidence that regular attendance at classes and academic performance are closely linked, and that early intervention when a student’s attendance drops below a certain threshold can provide the help and support needed to keep them on track.

Check-in provides Schools and Student Services with real-time insight into attendance data, enabling them to reach out to students earlier than at present and making sure that the right levels of academic and/ or pastoral support are given to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Is checking in mandatory?

Recording attendance is mandatory in accordance with the University’s Attendance Monitoring policy.

What are the attendance thresholds?

If a student's attendance falls below 80% across all your centrally timetabled activity over a seven day period, they'll automatically receive an email from their School. 

This email will come from If their attendance continues to sit below 80% for a second seven-day period, they’ll receive a second automatic email from their School. If this continues, they'll be invited to meet with their Adviser of Studies.

What if my students are unable to check in?

Please reassure students that this is okay, then manually record their attendance, either via the classroom register or by logging in to your academic portal.

What if a student forgets to register?

Ask them to let their School Office know within seven days of the lesson so their attendance can be added retrospectively. Participating students from another School should report this to the School running the module.

What if the app isn’t working?

Log a call with the Service Desk (, or email and take a paper register.

What if I can’t get logged in to my portal?

Log a call with the Service Desk (, or email and take a paper register.

When can a student check in for a class?

They can check in via the app five minutes before the start of a teaching session and up to 20 minutes into a session. After the first 20 minutes, their attendance will need to be manually recorded. They should let you know so that you can take a paper register or record it via your academic dashboard (