From January 2020 we’re introducing a new way of capturing student attendance data, harnessing low-energy Bluetooth technology that allows students to check in to classes using their mobile device. Phase one involves first-year students from the Schools of Humanities and Life Sciences, as well as any students who participate in first-year modules offered by these Schools.

View our guides for students and academic staff with answers to your questions about Check-in.

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The technology is provided by SEAtS Software, a leading provider of Student Attendance Management software and is used by universities across the UK and wider afield.

Why are we doing this?

There’s strong evidence that attending classes and academic performance are closely linked, and that early intervention when a student’s attendance drops below a certain threshold can provide the help and support needed to keep them on track.

Insight into this type of data will enable our Schools and Student Services to reach out to students earlier than we do at present, making sure that they’re given the right levels of academic and pastoral support and helping them to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Watch our short overview video:

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Student Check-in – Room List

 The following rooms are fitted with SEAtS software low-energy Bluetooth beacons. Academic and Student Quick Guides will be available in all rooms with a beacon.

BuildingRoom Numbers
1 Perth Road Accountancy Seminar Room
Carnelley 1.01, D’Arcy Thompson Museum
Old Medical School 2.02, 3.03
Carnegie Lecture Theatre
Dalhousie 1F01 Env 1, 1F06 Env 2
1G05, 1G06, 1G10, IG15(B)
1LG02(B), 1LG03 (B), 1LG04 (B), 1LG13 (B)
1S05, 1S06, 1S19
2F02, 2F10 (B), 2F11, 2F13, 2F14, 2F15 (G)
2G03, 2G11, 2G12, 2G13 (G), 2G14
2S01 (B), 2S02, 2S03, 2S11 (B), 2S12, 2S13, 2S15 (R)
LT2, LT3, LT4
Frankland Frankland Screening Room
Fulton Fulton H2
Harris Harris LT
Library Library, Fairlie Room
Matthew 5013, 5018
Tower IT Suites A, C and E
1.36 Baxter Suite
D’Arcy Thompson LT

Help and Support

For help and support with the Check-in service:For queries relating to your attendance:
  • Speak to your School Office, Adviser of Studies or Student Services.