The Interim Enquiry Management solution went live in January 2018 and is the first stage of a wider programme initiative which will be used in the longer term by staff across the University. Currently, teams in External Relations are using it to capture and respond to pre-application enquiries to the University and prospectus requests from potential applicants.

The solution ensures we have access to the following key information:

  • who our enquirers are
  • where they are from
  • what questions they are asking

Interim Enquiry Management is also being used to support our recruitment activities and stakeholder engagement with international agents and teachers in targeted schools and colleges worldwide.

The full solution will be able to capture, record and report on all engagements and interactions in one place creating a shared database of:

  • prospective applicants
  • applicants
  • matriculated students
  • other stakeholders

Having access to full records of all the enquiries we receive will show us how our interactions influence prospective students to apply, accept an offer or matriculate at the University of Dundee. Analysing the records, we will have strong indicators of what works best and where to focus our marketing, recruitment and engagement activities.

Enhancements to Interim Enquiry Management solution released

A number of enhancements to the Interim Enquiry Management solution have been released. The most significant enhancement was the addition of automated email workflow, taking the manual process of copying and pasting emails between Outlook and other systems out. The system is now able to email enquirers directly, and there are five new templates that allow the team to tailor responses depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Karen Martin, Head of Enquirer and Applicant Communications said: “The Enquiry Team are already seeing the benefits of the enhancements made to the Interim Enquiry Management system. Our business processes when responding to pre-application enquiries are smoother, which means that we're able to respond to enquirers more quickly, and our email responses now look much more professional.

"Capturing the emails that we send automatically within the system also gives us an accurate history of our interactions with each enquirer and will feed into reporting in the future. This team deals with all the frontline enquiries coming in to the student recruitment and admissions teams from prospective students across the world and our focus is on ensuring we deliver an excellent enquirer experience.

"Anything we can do to continue to improve the enquirer experience will positively influence these enquirers to become applicants and helps to ensure that the University of Dundee is the destination of choice.”