The current student records system (SITS) focuses primarily on registry and admission with the majority of student administration being held in other systems. This means that information is held in a number of different local databases and spreadsheets which require multiple data entries.

What will change?

The OneUniversity system will provide a single source of data for all student management processes, removing the need for multiple systems and duplication of information. It will combine student management, enquiry management and course administration and will be available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

What does this mean for you?

  • Allows matriculated students to pay fees in full by debit or credit card
  • Top up your Pay2Print credits online
  • Buy event tickets, short courses, lectures, or items in the product catalogue
  • If you're a former student you can pay outstanding fees in full by debit or credit card

The solution will cover the entire student lifecycle.

Student Journey Workshops

As part of our institutional transformation project we're moving into Student Phase 2B, from pre-matriculation to graduation which is a substantial piece of collaborative work. During the summer of 2018, Registry facilitated a series of workshops with key stakeholders to begin mapping the student journey. This work has continued and, between July and October 2019, ten business-led Student Journey Workshops are taking place. 

The aim is to prepare for the TechnologyOne Verification Workshops, scheduled to start in November 2019. These follow-up workshops are being supported by Business Transformation and bring together all of the information that has been gathered to-date on the student journey and are presented as draft process maps. This information includes:

  • any notes taken and requirements gathered during workshops with BT colleagues over the past couple of years
  • outputs from our 2018 Registry-Led Student Journey Workshops

Additional work ongoing by Business Transformation is to ensure the following is gathered and highlighted in preparation for the TechnologyOne workshops later in the year:

  • the requirements identified by Student Academic Experience Group
  • the actions from the first round of Student 2A workshops with Technology One in 2017 and any aspects which were subsequently moved from the Student 2A into a future roll-out
  • the Statement of Requirements used for the OneUniversity procurement process
  • Tri-University requirements (Universities of Dundee, Lincoln and Sussex group working together with TechnologyOne on UK specific requirements)

Schools and directorates are represented across all of the Student Journey Workshops, inputting to identifying the ‘as is’ with a view to establishing a more consistent approach to our work.  There is also the opportunity to map exceptions, so these are transparent and where necessary can be supported by a new system.

The outputs from these sessions will give us clarity on our student processes, identify what further work we need to do to ensure we are clear about any exceptions, and clearly establish our fundamental requirements of a student system.


Having all student activity held in OneUniversity will increase administrative efficiency for students and the University.