What will change?

The vast majority of OneUniversity users will interact with the operational ledger which will consist of a coding string made of six components instead of four. One of the key changes that you'll notice (see table below) is that core activity has been split into Core General, Core Teaching and Core Research.

What does this mean for you?

  • By expanding the data we capture in the coding string, we’ll make reporting quicker, easier and more detailed.
  • It will help us to structure the information we hold in a more organised way and will standardise reporting across the University.
  • Our decision making will improve as we provide greater capacity and more accuracy in our reporting capabilities so that we’re more accountable to those who fund and govern us.
  • We also need to provide consistent, reliable and trusted information to make operational, tactical and strategic decisions at University, School and Directorate level.

Code checker

We've created an online mapping tool that will help you check your code and translate it from the curerent to the new six-component format.

Access the code checker

How to use the code checker

If you need further help with codes please contact your School or Directorate Accountant.

The operational ledger coding string


(Project type)

(Budget group)

(Fund source)

(Budget centre)

(Nominal account)




This was previously the element 3 code. Each project is in number order so the number itself doesn’t indicate the activity type.

Project type: Associated with each project are one or more project types. The project and project type fields are automatically linked. Project types include Research, Service Contract, Core, Endowment and others.
Budget group: This was previously the element 4 code. This will primarily be used for research accounting and the use will be restricted. Where budget group is not applicable a default code will be used.
Funding source: Primarily for research reporting, the funding source is set against each project. For projects where this isn't applicable, there will be a default value associated with it.
Budget centre: This was previously the element 2 code but with new numbering. There will be new budget centres and some old codes will be split into new codes. Each budget centre maps on to the official UoD structure.
Nominal account: This was previously the element 1 code. There will be some new nominal codes and some old codes will be split into a number of new codes.