From March we’re changing how we match and manage invoices, replacing the current manual process with new technology that automatically matches supplier invoices to orders raised through OneUniversity.  

How does it work?

The technology captures the invoice data, looking for a valid OneUniversity purchase order number. The system then tries to match the invoice against the corresponding order, providing there is a goods receipt.

If it’s a 100% match, then the invoice will be passed for payment according to terms. If out with tolerance, then the invoice will route to the appropriate resolution pool for action. 

How does this affect you?

If you purchase goods or services through OneUniversity, there are some changes that you need to be aware of: 

  • The mailbox will no longer be manned. Do not send anything apart from invoices with a valid OneUniversity purchase order number to this address. Each invoice should be in a separate pdf. If you have a query, then please email the Accounts Payable team at 
  • For any retrospective orders placed through OneUniversity you will now need to manually add a valid OneUniversity PO number to the invoice so that the system can match it. You can do this by editing the pdf (using the Adobe DC software), or by writing the PO number neatly on the paper invoice, scanning it and sending it to
  • Please do not write the PO number in the subject or body of the email as this will not be picked up. 
  • All exception and direct debit invoices should now be sent to Accounts Payable  
  • There will be an initial backlog that the Accounts Payable team will need to work through so please be patient. We anticipate that the turnaround time will typically be 2/3 working days from the date the invoice is received by Accounts Payable. Please don’t hold on to any invoices you receive as this will delay the process. 

Unreceipted orders

In cases where an invoice has been received for an unreceipted order, users will now receive notification by email and in your MyTasks section of OneUniversity. 

Read our Guidance on invoice processing with no goods receipt