Our design principles

To create an integrated, forward looking solution, we have formed a consistent set of guidelines to guide our decision making.

  • We use OneUniversity and its processes and workflows where they apply. We will deactivate legacy systems when core functionality is in place and use standard consistent tools and processes.
  • We use standardised approvals, processes and materials across the University unless there is a strong business case.
  • We need to optimise our processes as well as the tools we use as this is not simply a systems change.
  • We’ll improve and refine the way we work before and after the system goes live and foster an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Our data will be consistent, accurate and reliable across the systems that use it as it will be drawn from a single source of the truth.

We have a number of high level guiding principles that we’ve agreed as being the basis for how we’ll develop and implement the OneUniversity solution. These principles will help us drive decisions relating to our data, our processes and our people.

Our principles

  • We’ll move towards one version of the truth, with quality data available to those who need it, and fewer gatekeepers.
  • We’ll apply standard processes across the University, adopting proven out-of- the-box processes, and reducing the amount of bespoke work and customisations.
  • We’ll empower our staff, giving them the tools and skills they need, spending less time on repetitive, manual, low value work, and freeing up time to do work that will add value to our students, our research community and our learning and teaching.


Having good reliable data that’s accessible to all who need it will help us deliver on our strategic objectives by reducing duplication of effort of maintaining localised databases and spreadsheets, and providing accurate, realistic information for operational, tactical and strategic decision making.

We'll have consistent definitions and values for our data across the University with standard data catalogues that are available to all.


Our people are at the very heart of what we do as a university and are central to the successful delivery of our strategic objectives. The Programme aims to give staff more opportunity to focus on activities that really make a difference to the lives of our students and staff by getting rid of manual repetitive and low value work.


We've taken the decision to change and adapt our processes to fit in with a best of breed solution, rather than developing a highly customised solution. This means the removal of bespoke ways of working, but by taking this approach we'll be working towards having a set of proven, reliable, modern processes which will better equip us to deal with the ever changing landscape in which we operate.

What this means

  • Where possible we'll apply standing processes across the entire institution.
  • We'll align our processes to the functionality that comes out-of-the-box with OneUniversity.
  • Staff will be encouraged to take personal ownership of their processes and ensure that personal ownership of processes with no one person.
  • Our processes will be more student and end-user focussed.