At the University of Dundee we have a complex ecosystem of users, audiences and data.

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What is Business Transformation?

In the 50 years our University has been independent, the world has changed dramatically. Those changes, often enabled by technology, have changed our students, staff and society's expectations of us. We need to respond and, where possible, exceed those expectations. It's a challenge and an opportunity that can help us to transform lives in new, innovative ways.

But, like many universities, we have a complex ecosystem of users, audiences and data. It leads to several issues:

  • We lack common processes, systems or standards.
  • The quality of our data is inconsistent and we can't share it easily.
  • We approach improvements on an individual basis.
  • Too many people are involved in administration tasks that could be automated.

Our current ways of working are unsustainable. We want to make the most of our resources so we can enjoy the benefits that synergy can bring. Our new ways of working will see us work in a common way and ultimately deliver consistent standards.

We’ll deliver improvements in quality and control, as well as a reduction in costs. So, as well as making sure we're sustainable for the next 50 years, we can start to deliver on the incredible potential we have.