A bespoke typeface family

In our information-rich society, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

Our typeface is unique to the University. Identifiably ours, it allows us to have our own voice. We have full licensing control and our typefaces can be used consistently across digital, print and environmental applications.

Our typeface is:

  • modern and progressive
  • friendly and human
  • readable and legible
  • won't date with fashions and trends
Our co-founder, Mary Ann Baxter, pioneered gender equality in education. Her approach epitomises the progressive nature of our institution.

Named in honour of Mary Ann Baxter. A clean grotesque sans serif with contemporary proportions and clarity of curves; with industrial references and historical detailing. Baxter Sans acts as an intelligent connection between the University of Dundee’s present — and its history as a modern university.

  • Baxter Sans Regular
  • Baxter Sans Regular Italic
  • Baxter Sans Medium
  • Baxter Sans Medium Italic
  • Baxter Sans Semibold
  • Baxter Sans Semibold Italic
  • Baxter Sans Bold
  • Baxter Sans Bold Italic

Design support

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