About the brand templates

Our templates and assets are designed to support your communications work at the University of Dundee. On this page you will find our range of available templates.

If you require a specific template that has not been made available here, please contact us.

Electronic letterhead templates

If you need to write letters on letterheaded paper for electronic use (for example sending as PDFs), please use these templates. We have provided a template for each School and the template with the University logo should be used for Directorates. There is also a version for use with pre-printed letterheaded paper. If you need printed headed paper please contact Creative Services.

Powerpoint template

This template has been developed to provide a consistent approach across the University for all external presentations. That this meets current University branding guidelines and should not be amended. Most projectors across campus use 16:9 widescreen resolutions. We recommend using this template first unless you know the projector you need will be very old.

Research posters

This template has been developed in Microsoft Powerpoint to provide a consistent approach across the University for creating research posters.