Volunteers help the staff at the Garden by manning the reception desk in the Visitor Centre. This is a pleasant place to wile away a couple of hours, read a book or talk to the garden visitors.

Volunteers also help in the Garden, gardening, scrubbing labels and benches and any other jobs that the Gardening staff may have for them, then when all the work is done they have a well deserved cup of coffee!!

If you wish to volunteer to help in one of these ways, please contact us.

There are lots of other ways in which volunteers help the Garden, if you would like some ideas, or more information about volunteering at the Garden, please contact us.


We are always looking for good images of the garden and our plants. Consider contributing to the Flickr group, and if you are willing for us to use them in print or on the web, let us know your Flickr and real names.

Endowment Trust

The Dundee Botanic Garden Endowment Trust was formed in 2013 in order to assist and support the University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden as it continues to create a vital centre of knowledge and appreciation of plant life. Recently, the importance of the Botanic Garden has increased as the impact of environmental and climate change is better understood. Read more about the Endowment Trust