The University of Dundee Botanic Garden has something for all the family. Located near the banks of Scotland’s longest river, the Tay, its exceptional setting, stunning southerly views and sheltered surroundings makes the Garden one of the top visitor attractions in East Central Scotland.

Our extensive variety of collection of conifers, broad-leaved trees, shrubs, tropical and temperate glasshouses are showcase among the nine and a half acres of flourishing gardens and foliage.
One of our founding aims is to encourage and nurture education for all ages and we offer a comprehensive schools programme linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

Dundee Botanic Garden and Grounds strategy

Our strategy in a nutshell seeks to share the vision and work streams that are being actively explored by the University of Dundee (UoD) Botanic Garden and Grounds under the Curator Kevin Frediani.

The combined challenges of climate change, population growth and the unsustainable use of natural resources locally and globally is resulting in the unprecedented loss of biodiversity and essential ecosystem services that support life on earth.

The focus of the botanic garden in seeking to achieve the UoD mission is one informed by the spirit of Patrick Geddes, the first professor of Botany at the forerunner to the UoD "Think Globally, Act locally". 

Vision as shared and informed by the UoD: "to transform lives, locally and globally through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge"

Botanic Garden and Grounds strategy (PDF)