Talking shop

Shops and shopping are often at the heart of our lives. We remember buying that first record or the shop where your mother went to buy bread and milk every day. Dundee's retail sector has seen a lot of change over the years: who knew what a shopping centre was in the 1950s?

Business and industry has also seen a lot of change in the post-war period; by the end of the 1950s it was evident that the jute industry was declining. Veederoot, Timex and NCR were moving into Dundee making the most of the people's skills - and then leaving as the world economy evolved. But others have remained, both the small retailer and the national company.

The Oral History Project has captured the memories of many people who are part of this cultural and economic story of Dundee. These extracts are from conversations with Rhoda Miller of the Dundee Oral History Project, recorded between 2013-2016. The full, unedited interviews can be listened to in the Archive searchroom.

If you have any comments about the conversations, or any memories of your own to share, please contact us at or call us on 01382 384095 


Ian Wilson remembers some customers at GL Wilson 'The Corner' store.

David Barrie talks about Timex in Dundee.

Maragret Beattie remembers the shops along the Perth Road.