Dundee's music scene

Dundee has a long and varied musical heritage, from doing 'turns' at get-togethers with the family, to orchestral, opera and musical theatre. Dundee's traditional music scene remains vibrant and fresh, while many well-known rock and pop acts hail from the city.

The Oral History Project has captured the testimonies of several performers, from singers and pipers to guitar heroes. These extracts focus on their musical roots. You can hear the whole of their interviews in the Archive

Alice Marra tells how her father, Michael Marra, and the city itself have influenced her music

Sheena Wellington remembers her first public performance at the age of 2 years old and being surrounded by music

Craig Weir describes his initial lack of interest in playing the bagpipes and how he changed his tune and began competing

Ged Grimes tells how his family and the 'Grimes Folk Four' started his musical career‌