We hold an extensive collection of records relating to the University going back to its founding in 1881 as University College, Dundee. These include minutes, correspondence, matriculation registers, press cuttings and student newspapers.

Mary Ann Baxter, founder of University College, 1881We also have records relating to bodies connected to the University such as Dundee College of Education and the College of Art. Our collections contain material relating to staff and students including important figures such as Sir Patrick Geddes, Sir D’Arcy Thompson, Major General Douglas N Wimberley and Sir Thomas Malcolm Knox.

As University College was a part of St. Andrews University until 1967, our records are also useful to anyone studying the history of that institution. By the same token, St Andrews University Library Special Collections hold some material relating to University College, Dundee.

The University records are currently being rearranged.  At present the collections are identified as follows:

Recs A
Records of University College, Dundee, and Queens College, Dundee (University of St Andrews): Administrative, Academic and Student records, 1881-1967
A handlist is available for consultation in the Archive.

Recs A 147    Dundee Dental  School, 1934-1996
Recs A 317    Papers relating to the University of Dundee's participation in the Annual Meetings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science held in Dundee, 1939-1969
Recs A 848    Department of Anatomy, 1832-1898
Recs A 857    Department of Pathology, 1872-1964

Records of the University of Dundee, 1967- present
Dundee College of Education, 1902-1987

Papers of members of staff of University College, Dundee, Queens College, Dundee, and the University of Dundee

Records of Dundee School of Economics

Turner-McKinlay Photographic Collection
Rectorial drag with Rector Peter Ustinov, 1968Our photographic collections are of local and national significance. The Turner-McKinlay Photographic Collection alone contains over 15,000 images created by members of the University.

Images from the collections featuring females
Images from the collections featuring WW1 material
Collection of archival images including Rector Stephen Fry
Images from the collections featuring females