‌The Peto Collection of 130,000 prints and negatives was gifted to the University of Dundee after his death in 1970.

Teabreak while filming Help! for George, John and PaulThe discovery of Peto's candid shots of Paul, George, John and Ringo, when they were filming 'Help!', led to the major publication of 'Now These Days Are Gone'. It features photographs of the Beatles and other images of the 1960s.

Produced by Genesis Publications of London, 'Now These Days Are Gone' led to a revival of interest in the Peto collection. Today, Peto's photographs are sought after by a range of companies, institutions and individuals for publications, broadcasts and personal use.

Publications which have used Peto's images include 'Fonteyn and Nureyev - The Story of a Partnership' (London: Orbis 1979) by Alexander Bland and 'C.S.Lewis, My Godfather' (2007) by Laurence Harwood.

Web sites featuring images from The Peto Collection include

The Nelson Mandela Foundation The Beatles Exhibition at Proud Camden (The Tatler website) 
Beatles Exhibition: National Conservation Centre , Liverpool  Rudolf Nureyev Foundation
Ian McKellen Official Website: Edward II  BBC London: Mandela's first trip to London

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