Winter: a stag at dawn

A stag at dawn

This tiny oil painting of a stag in a winter woodland winter landscape comes from our ‘Confessions’ album, which contains sketches and cartoons by various contributors.

The album contains questionnaires, with questions ranging from ‘Who is your favourite Actor?’ to ‘Are you in favour of Votes for Women?’. Contributors include poet and journalist Joseph Lee, Arthur M Watson, DD Stiven, and other more anonymous figures such as the ‘Terrible Twins’. Most have answered with humour, such as Lee’s response to ‘What is your life’s ambition?' to which his entry reads, ‘To make contributions to ladies’ albums’.

We can identify many of the artists of the album’s several artworks but not Mr McKenzie, the artist of this painting. We would appreciate any information about his identity.

The ‘Confessions Album’ dates from WW1 and belonged to Evelyn Walker who lived on the Perth Road in Dundee. Martin Fraser bought it over 40 years ago in a junk shop because it took his fancy. He then kindly passed it on to the Archive where it is available for people to enjoy for many years to come.

Ref: MS 360

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