The Bee Beetle

Th Bee Beetle, David Waterson, Hymenoptera of Angus, 1922

This furry little critter is part of a collection produced between 1919-1929 by David Waterson.

Waterson was born in Brechin in 1870 and studied at Edinburgh School of Art. Following graduation, he returned to his home town to begin his career in earnest as an artist, painter, etcher and mezzotint engraver.

His keen interest in entomology led to the creation of the Hymenoptera of Angus, a fascinating and highly detailed collection of watercolour studies of insects.  However, Waterson’s notes on the Bee Beetle record the insect in Rannoch Moor, Glen Tilt and Loch Ness suggesting that either the beetle is more commonly found in these places but visited Angus, or that Waterson trekked further afield to paint this species. 

Ref: MS 78/3/31

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