A tricycle made for two, 1887


The pair enjoying their tricycle ride are Miss Hill and Professor SteggallProf Steggall and female on tricycle.

John Edward Aloysius Steggall was one of the five founding professors of the new University College, Dundee. At just 27 years, he was appointed to the Chair of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. His colleagues, Principal Peterson, Thomas Carnelly, Alfred Ewing  and Thomas Gilray were all aged under 31 years when University College opened its doors to students in October 1883. It's likely that their youth brought fresh ideas and innovations to this new University - a creative philosophy that remains true today.

As well as being a brilliant mathematician, Steggall was a connoisseur of music, art, architecture, and photography. As we can see from the photo he was also a keen cyclist- aged 65 he cycled 500 miles to attend a meeting of the British Association in Cardiff. He was actively involved in university politics, city and church affairs, and co-founded Dundee Social Union. On his retirement in 1933 he received an honorary degree from the University of St Andrews (of which University College was a part since 1897).
Of Miss Hill, we can only speculate. It's quite possible that she was a student - a Miss Margaret Hill of Dudhope Terrace matriculated for the first session of 1883-1884 - but we can't be certain this is her.
 Photo ref: CMS 2/1(36)
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