The Archive is involved in several partnership projects. These include:

Great War Dundee

Great War ProjectThe Great War Dundee Partnership aims to co-ordinate a city-wide approach to the centenary commemoration of the First World War in Dundee, bringing the community together with the city’s museums, archives, libraries, universities, schools, businesses and societies through a programme of activities that encourage the broadest possible public participation and collective reminiscence.



The Memory Box Network

‌‌Memory Box project imageThe Archive provided images to this project, which offers therapeutic tools for dementia patients and their carers. 





Strathmartine Hospital History Project

Strathmartine Hospital project imageThe aim of the Strathmartine project is to help people who lived and worked at Strathmartine, when it functioned as a hospital for people with a learning disability, to tell their stories and preserve them for reasons of recording and learning. The project is in partnership with the Thera Trust and will also result in a documentary account of the history of Strathmartine; a training package for people in the sector; and a toolkit for anyone else who wants to record their own stories.


 University of Dundee Oral History project

Women seated'Voices of Dundee is an Archive Services project aimed at recording the memories of current and retired staff, members of local communities, alumni and individuals who have links with the University and the collections.

If you would like to discuss a project or partnership with us, please contact the Archive