Mohammad Radfar

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Lecturer, Urban Planning
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Mohammad has trained and worked as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. Graduating from the University of Newcastle (MLArch), he enjoyed working for Gateshead Council, Birmingham City Council, Wardell Armstrong LLP and Groundwork Kent & Medway. His cross-cultural research and experience together with the interest in the process of placemaking has helped him to adopt a multicultural perspective to perceive urban phenomenon in particular everyday life in urban spaces and places across cultures.

Mohammad’s career in academia began with working as a Tutor in the department of Architecture, Northumbria University in Newcastle, where he was offered a full scholarship to carry out his doctoral studies in Urban Design and Placemaking. His PhD project: ‘A generic framework for analysing places in the public arena of cities’, is a mixed-method and cross-cultural study of places in the public arena of cities (11 cities across England, Iran, Ireland & Scotland).


With background in professional practice, Mohammad is a practice-oriented, as well as research-led teacher. He is the module leader for Sustainable Urban Design (MSc Spatial Planning Specialism) and teaches subjects related to urban design theory and practice namely: Discourses in Urban Design, Masterplanning, Design Studio and Communication Skills, Environmental psychology and Behaviour, Placemaking and Urban Design Charrette.

He is also the module leader on two undergraduate modules of Introduction to Environmental Law and Territorial Planning and Development. Mohammad also has major contributions to the following modules: Countryside Planning and Management, Environmental Criminology, Management of the Built & Natural Environment and European Spatial Planning.


Mohammad’s research focuses on understanding how culture and cross-cultural differences and similarities affects the process of placemaking in cities. How is it that placemaking and urban design matter for people across different cultures? How much of the experience of place in the public arena of cities is common across cultures? He is also interested in the following research areas:

  • Cross-cultural concept of place
  • Perception of urban spaces
  • Social and psychological significance of urban places
  • Design, development and management of public spaces in cities
  • Landscape urbanism

Recent funded research

Review of the 2Km separation distance between areas of search for onshore wind farms, 2013. Funded by Scottish Government, ClimateXchange (with V.Onyango and B.Illsley)