David Kirk

Honorary Research Fellow


David has held a life-long interest in the renewal of urban economies. His research activities reflect this, and he has examined both entrepreneurial and knowledge transfer processes in local economies under-going the economic restructuring.


Now retired, David Kirk was head of Town and Regional Planning and also programme leader of the post-graduate Spatial Planning programmes offered by Town and Regional Planning until 2010. Previously he has worked in various policy planning and project management positions in a range of public organisations. On entering university teaching in 1993, David led a series of collaborative projects with technical universities and national industrial companies in Poland. In 2002, he received the award of the Knights Cross of the Order of Merit from the Polish Government. David has more recently been actively involved in a knowledge-sharing European network of institutions engaged in the development of biotech clusters.

After graduating in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Glasgow in 1972, David followed a professional career working in policy planning and project management roles, initially in Motherwell and Wishaw, then with the Central Lancashire Development Corporation, the City of Dundee, Community Projects Foundation, Tayside Regional Council, the Scottish Development Agency and with Halcrow Fox. In 1993 David began a university career, first with the then Dundee Institute of Technology later to become the University of Abertay Dundee. He transferred to the University of Dundee in 2003, initially as senior lecturer in the University's Centre for Enterprise Management, joining Town and Regional Planning at the start of 2008. David is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


1970 - MA (Honours) Sociology, (Upper Second), University of Aberdeen

1972 - M.Phil. Town & Regional Planning, University of Glasgow

1983 - Diploma in Management Studies, Dundee Institute of Technology


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Project Report

Contributor to "Do's and don'ts for biotech cluster development: the results of NetBioClue", Europe Innova - Innovation and Clusters, NetBioClue Project, 2008, EC FP6- innova-6 Contract No. 022484

Professional Journals

Conference Papers

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