We give you the skills

Our goal is to empower you to position yourself as an innovative, accomplished individual within increasingly complex and diverse built environment professions.

We give you space

We offer exceptional and extensive studio facilities that encourage collaborative learning and provide you with your own designated space. There you’ll be encouraged to use physical models of all scales to develop your understanding of massing, proportion, spatial character, materials and construction via ‘thinking through making’.

We give you additional resources, tools and equipment

Architecture and Urban Planning sits within the school of Social Sciences. This means we can draw upon the skills and expertise of other school disciplines - such as law, geography, business and environmental science - to enrich our teaching and research. And being physically located within DJCAD allows us to share specialist resources such as exhibition space, workshops, digital making facilities and other creative resources.

We are unique

We’re the only university in Scotland to link Architecture & Urban Planning. This means we can offer hybrid qualifications - opening up more career prospects for you.  

Our unique location (with urban, rural, post-industrial and coastal landscapes) provides the perfect platform for our curriculum to engage with local issues and also helps us translate these issues into a global scale. 

Our approach is guided by Geddesian principles - exploring the relationships between cities, their regions and their populations. We value creative and credible responses to societal challenges, by shaping/making places and spaces that are sustainable and appropriate whilst being aspirational, robust and contemporaneous with our culture.

We’re continually engaged

We take a collaborative approach to teaching - via workshops, tutorials and peer learning. We expose you to ‘real world’ problems and situations and ask you to ‘problem solve’. This is supported by strong engagement with practitioners, local government and community bodies (and by lecture and seminar programmes) helping to build your knowledge and experience. 

We’ll connect you

The sustainable growth of our cities is highly dependent on a wide network of professions. We continuously engage with these professions, the city/region and wider community to ensure that you understand your position in this network and progress a career that allows you to be effective leaders, designing for the future.

Study & Scholarships