Covid-19: outbreak update (31 March)

Published on 31 March 2021

Student announcement on the Covid-19 outbreak

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Dear student,

We have had an update today from the NHS Incident Management Team on the outbreak of Covid cases within the student community.

There have now been a total of over 160 cases recorded, the vast majority of them Dundee students. These numbers cover the period since March 16 and some of those who tested positive will now have passed their isolation period.

There is a cautious optimism as the number of daily cases is slowing down, and those new ones we are seeing are generally the result of contact within households, not as a result of illegal parties or gatherings.

We must all strictly follow the guidelines and `stick with it’ to ensure we bring this outbreak to an end. I know it is hard, and we would all like to be socialising more, but we cannot afford to let the virus surge again, for the health and safety of our University community and the wider public.

You know parties that involve anyone beyond your own household `bubble’ are not allowed just now. Please do behave responsibly.

If you are struggling with any aspect of the current restrictions please remember a wide range of support is available from the University, through Student Services, and DUSA.

The priority remains that you get tested if you have been to any social gathering or party. It is particularly important you get tested as soon as possible if someone within your household has had a positive Covid test.

Get tested

If you have attended any party/gathering, or been in close contact with someone who has, then you must arrange to take a PCR test.

We are still offering LFD Asymptomatic Testing for students at the Institute for Sport & Exercise. You can book a test here but please remember this is only for those who are not showing symptoms of Covid-19.

If you have a positive test, you must inform the University so that we can both provide support and ensure all necessary precautions are put in place.

Dr Jim McGeorge,
University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer


Press Office, University of Dundee

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