Coronavirus HR update - working from home

Published on 20 March 2020

Updated advice and guidance on home/remote working. Main Library closure.

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Dear colleague,

This has been a week unlike any other we have seen at the University as we move to working from home and largely being an online institution.

We are aware this raises many challenges, as many of us have to get used to working from home. The closure of schools after today is only making that all the more difficult for many.

HR have produced updated advice and guidance on some of the issues, which you can now find on the coronavirus staff page.

Unfortunately we have also had to take the very hard decision to close the Main Library, and this will come in to effect from 4pm today. We realise this will have a big impact on those students who are still on campus or in Dundee but at a time when schools, other public facilities and libraries at other institutions are having to close, we cannot continue to operate a facility such as this.

Library staff are taking steps to provide as strong an online offering as possible for students, with access to services to support their learning, and in close liaison with our academic Schools.

This week of transition has not been easy but the efforts staff have made have been exceptional, and we thank you for that.

Best wishes,

Professor David Maguire
Interim Principal & Vice-Chancellor

Dr Jim McGeorge
University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer


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